Bregg – OOG A Night 01

Bregg –

(Bregg comes loudly staggering into Tyvian’s chamber in the Temple of Bregor. He throws his bed roll and a blanket on the floor)

“Don’t mind me. Give me a minute. Quiet as a dead widdle I’ll be. Hate to intrude on your privacy after the ordeal you’ve had today, but I’d feel a lot safer if I could keep an eye on you. After all, that witch-woman was able to put a spell over you, a priest of Surin. Who’s to say she couldn’t have done the same to a priest of Bregor?”

(takes off his chainmail)

“I mean she got to you. She got to Phos. Her husband is no doubt in her thrall. If there is a cult of… him. If he’s coming back, he’ll try to influence the most prominent people in the city. Infect it from the head down… I mean, he’s done it before. The King of Nyveria was. You know.”

(leans his greataxe against the door so it will fall if opened)

“I’m not sure what we should do come morning. I mean, do we confront her? Aside from Rogan we’re all new to the city, who would believe us over a rich woman? And for all we know the captain of the Bladewatch is already possessed by her.