Narrator – OOG Mercy 11

(Ra’aviik swims in the chaos. He wills his mouth to move to create the sounds that give life to the images of the real a fully formed. His mouth fills with tears. His mouth fills with water. No thicker. His mouth fills with blood. YES! BLOOD! Real, thick, luscious, heady, life-giving blood!)

“Thank you, Shadows! I am guided by your truth…your order…your understanding! Yes! Ha ha ha ha!”

(And the Shadows bestow light. And light bestows vision. Vision bestows truth and balance and understanding. Ra’aviik now awakens in the light, as meek and small as it it. The mouth indeed moved, but words it did not speak. Ra’aviik drools the chewn flesh and fat of his own lips in long ropey strands of spit and blood upon the hewn stone floor of this ancient place. Dark blood. Dark, dark blood. As dark as shadows.)