Narrator – OOG Mercy 07

(Ra’aviik can see his companions in torment. All around him it seems like logic is fleeting and each time he begins to speak, he produces no sound. The frustration mounts.)


(His thoughts reel.)

[What sort of human trickery is this? They can not hear me though my body…my mind still works. My countryman K’ain is wrapped in torment and I am as useless as a child!]

(Ra’aviik grabs K’ain in frustration by both shoulders. Misreading the state of the warrior’s emotions, K’ain draws a short blade and threatens Ra’aviik’s advance.)

“Keep your hands off of me, traitor! You are a pawn of the Emperor and therefore equally guilty of his crimes. (beat) That is the way it works, is it not? Sacrifice your will for the will of the crown? Give yourself completely to his silk-covered throne? (beat) I would rather die a thousand wounds than discard the honor of my forefathers. You are a traitor! The Emperor’s whore! Touch me again and you will die the death he would have you take for him!”

(Ra’aviik feels the blood beat in his temples. His head feels the pressure build as his anger mounts. Then without warning his hearing ceases. Then his eyes. Ra’aviik’s wyrld goes black and as silent as a tomb.)

[Ak sjd shuwgdkl gd wj kd sk j d]

(Words will not form in Ra’aviik’s head. His heart. His mind. Who’s words? What words? Head hand heart hurt hand hand hand melting hand feeling hand hurting head tomb of the dead dead dead dead dead. Just images without form. Just raw emotion poured though pain. So much darkness.)