Arsafaal – OOG Essence 01

“I will come for you. My voice may sound different. My face, that of a child, or priest or barnyard cat. But I will come for you. And you will know by my countenance. I will track down the Children of the Whores and laugh while crushing the bones in their delicate necks. I will apply just enough pressure to their undeveloped ribs, that you can actually hear the bones splinter then pierce the heart. An audible pop, actually. I will sodomize them. Defile them. Enjoy the death wheeze while their little eyes twist and writhe in their sockets searching in confused desperation for their pointed-eared or dimwit or diminutive uncles. Their caretakers? The boy priest of the wretched slut Surin? The most profound failure of all. I can still recall tasting him on the lips of Thessina. Ha ha ha… The infants will be sacrifices for the one true God. They will give him their lives bathed in delicious agony. I will pose their broken bodies around the edge of my bed while I sleep through the night as hard as steel. Potent. Aroused. Satiated.”

“I will come for you. Soon.”

“The blood is the essence.”