Tyvian Meer


Blessed are the Children of Surin who provide for the needs of others”


Tyvian is a 22 year old human male, 5’8″ solidly built 170 lb with brown hair and hazel eyes. Seems a bit on the huskier side of the spellcasting community but seems to fit in well with the Priests of Surin. Typically wears green and brown studded leather armor with an interesting short sword ever at his side.


Tyvian Meer, second child of Roland and Alma Meer was always in the shadow of his father. Roland Meer, an accomplished Chromomancer, had sent Tyvian to study the arts of Chromomancy in the Capital of Dunbachmoor.

Though he showed remarkable aptitude for the art of color magic, Tyvian also displayed an aptitude for brutal honesty. This came across as insulting among the silver-tongued Dunbachs. The pivotal moment in Tyvian’s “career” was when he referred to the Chancellor of the Dunbach University of Chromatic Arts as a “pompous derelict bellows whose words were colored more of wine than wisdom”. The news of this behavior quickly reached Roland’s ears who then socially humiliated his son. He “humbled” his son with a spell that no matter what Tyvian wore within the city, everything would be grey (the color of criminals, outcasts and indentured servants).

His mother, Alma, took pity on him and sent Tyvian to study with the Priests of Surin, far from the city and his father’s “curse”. A drastic change from the life of luxury to a hard life in the wilderness alone was just the lesson that Tyvian needed. He was welcomed by the Priests of Surin who were elated at his recognition of the beauty of nature. Though his approach to magic is shifting from that of Chromomancy to more nature-based blessings from Surin, he still displays a flair for beauty in the art. He sought refuge and comfort in working with the flora and fauna who became his companions while alone in the wild fueling his curiosity to learn more of the wonders of Surin’s Gifts to mankind. He began a pilgrimage to take it all in and keeping track of the vast differences in the different environments.

His bitterness toward his father is a deep-seated grudge of being punished for being honest and to this day, will not wear the color Red (the color of the house of Meer) to spite him. Though learning the ways of the cleric have pointed him on a moral compass, his brutal honesty and lack of subtlety still gets the better of him on occasion. However, sometimes the best thing about falling into a hole you’ve dug yourself, is finding the friend who’ll help you out of it.