“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”


Ra’aviik is 5’6″ and weighs in at around 185 lbs. He’s stocky yet muscular with tanned skin, short black hair and dark piercing eyes. He bears the scars of battle,with one that stands out among them, a long scar that starts above his left eye and crosses over the bridge of his nose and ends on his right cheek. He dresses all in black, with black leather armor and a black cloak, the only thing that isn’t black is the silver colored bands that he wears on his upper arms that have two ghost hawk feathers hanging off of them.


Born in the coastal town of Taiir Lavak, he comes from a family that makes their living off the bounty of the sea and as such are very devoted to Laas Va’iir, so much so that his parents sent Ra’aviik to study at the temple of Laas Va’iir in hopes that he would go on to be a Cong Jasai. Though he excelled in the combat portion of the training he could not bring himself to be interested in the religious studies. He decided to leave and use what he learned in a capacity more suited to his talents, and found himself drawn into military service.