“You are a Shepherd not a Wolf”


K’ain is a not particularly tall man, dark and muscular from hard living. He wears a blank mask turned up above his face and both his forearms are marked with simple tattoos each a memoriam of a life he’s taken.


K’ain was given to the Fiir’ti as a baby, his mother a high ranking noble’s daughter who was inconvenienced by his birth out of wedlock. He sought out the truth of origins after completion of his training. He despises the higher echelons for what he sees as neglect and cruelty to the lower orders (including bastards) and hypocrisy in employing the Hu’Fiir’Ti when they themselves would not take a life with their own hands.

Truly religious and no longer an enthusiastic young man, K’ain often finds the philosophical strain of his work difficult to justify making him sometimes zealous, sometimes bitter. He finds spiritual weakness in others unacceptable but respects firm beliefs even if they differ from his own.