For centuries the mighty kingdoms of  The Visible Wyrld fought to hold back the ravenous tide of conquest. After many generations of war, a much-needed peace has settled over the mountains and plains. The human kingdoms of Nyveria and Dunbachmoor maintain a delicate truce, united in keeping their hereditary continent in balance. The ancient empire of Cóng Manaar – once a dominant force protected by their living dragon gods – thrives as a society woven of honor, tradition and faith. The dwarven kingdom of Garten Forge – changed little by the brutal cadence of time – stands strong within the towering stone fortresses and fertile valleys of the mountainous island. But now…something wicked blows in with the chilling rain, as clouds of black roll across azure skies. Listen closely…for a terrible voice whispers in the wind, wrapped around echoes of the approaching thunder. Something approaches. The Visible Wyrld is about to change once again, as days of peace and prosperity fall violently in a rage of blood and fire.